Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates this special day. Am forever thankful but today am specifically thankful for the gift of life, a life worth living. Am thankful for the love in my life and the people that share their love with me. What are you thankful for? And last but not least am thankful for the hours upon hours I get to spend in … [Read more...]

2 Months Update

It's two months since I've been back now. Last time  wrote my update 1 month ago there wasn't really much to tell other than me enjoying being back.This time around still not much to tell but a bit more than last time. Time is pleasantly flying by and when you are in a Long Distance Relationship, time flying by is something you pray … [Read more...]



It’s been just over 1 month since I have been back here in Tobago. The time has passed really quickly. Much quicker than I had anticipated, not that am complaining at all. I think it has to do with that fact that I've been keeping myself busy, or at the very least attempting to seem busy I experienced the island from the perspective of a … [Read more...]


The planes from Trinidad to Tobago and vice versa take roughly  between 20-25 minutes. The direction in which they land depends solely on the wind direction and speed on that given day. The video below shows us landing at the ANR Robinson International Airport. This landing is not scenic in comparison to the other which shows the sea etc. Here you … [Read more...]



Well well well…… so I’ve deleted all the old content from this space and given it a fresh new look while I was at it.As you may or may not know it’s a few days shy of two weeks since I’ve been back home. It feels longer, much much longer! Now that I have eaten all the foods I craved for, swam more than my hair likes and spoken as broken as I … [Read more...]