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It’s been just over 1 month since I have been back here in Tobago. The time has passed really quickly. Much quicker than I had anticipated, not that am complaining at all. I think it has to do with that fact that I've been keeping myself busy, or at the very least attempting to seem busy 
I experienced the island from the perspective of a tourist. I've fallen in love with the ocean all over again. My taste buds are familiarizing themselves with the flavors they have grown to love and missed oh so dearly in England. My skin has rekindled its romance with sun. An my hair, well…. Let’s just say that’s the one downside to swimming in ocean daily, if ever there was to be a downside.
I left England with a structured list of things to do etc….. Everything has more or less gone out the window. Am now running on  island time, which means procrastination takes priority. Lots of major plans have gone completely out the window while new ones have taken their place. Fear not am stilling jumping the broom and still leaving these shores in just shy of 6 months…..
Oh in true Crystal fashion, I found a job and I left after 2 weeks. Not sure why I left as I actually quite enjoyed it  I think the shifts messed with my beach time. So something had to give and it definitely wasn't going to be beach time  NO SIR!
One of my friends asked me if I missed being in England. An the answer is yes, while am enjoying being back home. There are things that I’ve gotten used too abroad that the islands just can’t seem to get. Like customer service but I shall not dwell to much on the negatives. I miss H not as much as I thought I would off. What I miss is his physical presence. We Skype and Whatsapp each other every single day so that  has helped and continues to help big time.
No matter where you are in the world, no matter where you originate from, there is no place like home! Be it in small doses  So that’s my month wrapped up. Hopefully the coming months will go by just as quickly with just as much fun and just all round good vibes…
P.S. am a mama hen, I kid you not. Am fostering (if that’s possible) 3 chicks that were abandoned by their mom. Pictures on next post I promise. Till next time, take care.


The planes from Trinidad to Tobago and vice versa take roughly  between 20-25 minutes. The direction in which they land depends solely on the wind direction and speed on that given day. The video below shows us landing at the ANR Robinson International Airport. This landing is not scenic in comparison to the other which shows the sea etc. Here you go, landing 1 of 2(will upload 2 at another time).
Flights between the island cost $300ttd return or 30GBP
You can also take the fast Ferry which cost $100 less roughly 10GBP


Well well well…… so I’ve deleted all the old content from this space and given it a fresh new look while I was at it.
As you may or may not know it’s a few days shy of two weeks since I’ve been back home. It feels longer, much much longer! Now that I have eaten all the foods I craved for, swam more than my hair likes and spoken as broken as I possibly can. I must admit I am ready to leave.
Sadly the earliest I can leave here is early February. So in the mean time I plan on eating, swimming and talking some more. As anywhere else in the world TT has just come off its school August vacation. So most of my friends are either working or busy with their kids. Which isn’t that fun for me.
I have decided to look for a part time job. Not that I have to but simply because I would probably be bored by the 6th week max!
Till next post, here’s a few pictures x