Life Lately – Depression

Life is good but lately I find myself going into these little depression spells. Am not sure as to why this is happening as there isn’t anything in my life lately to feel depressed about.

There are changes, lots and lots of changes happening around here. Apart from getting married there are so many things happening. An am no DR. But I figure sometimes it all just becomes too much. So I end up having these spells of depression. Where I feel sorry for myself and put on this extravagant pity parade.

Am usually good with changes but not this much this quick. I think what sucks the most if am being honest is moving. Moving sucks the most. As am not able to settle for the better part of a year with two major moves on the horizon.

I like my current home, my routines and all my stuff. After a shit day I can always retreat to the comfort of “home” an suddenly everything seems somewhat fine from the safety of my possessions and dwelling.

First move sees me stay with a friend for roughly 9-10 months. An am not being ungrateful as it’s a nice place. Very close to the beach and rent free BUT it’s not my space if that makes sense.

Second move means we would probably have to then be in shared accommodation till we figure out areas etc … Where we would like to set up shop and so forth.

Most days I cope well but off late am struggling. I wish I could close my eyes clack my heels together and it would all be done and over. We’ll be in Ireland all settled.

Other than that am fine. Am anxious to be home! Am so longing to having a big greasy box of buss up shot with all the trimmings. Oh and Japs!

I’ll wrap this up with a small countdown for my family and friends who actually miss me and can’t wait to see me again like I do them. It’s just 4 weeks now guys!!

20140730-123141 am-1901066.jpg

4 Places To See Before Departure

As most of you know by now, I’d be packing up life here in England and moving backing home to Trinidad and Tobago for the better part of a year. It’s just under 7 weeks till I leave and am trying to see all the places that I’ve always wanted to but just never got around to in my 5 years of life here.

So far I’ve crossed several cities and towns of my list like Inverness, Newcastle, Cambridge, London, Edinburgh to name just a few. Unfortunately though my list is longer than time and money would allow. With that said, before I leave and possibly go broke there are 4 places thats a must visit for me before departure.



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Cambridge – A Day Out

Weekend before last we visited Cambridge on a whim. No prior plans were made just a spur of the moment idea turned into a lovely evening spent in a town thats now in my top 5 favourite places in England.

We left Milton Keynes about 1.30 ish and arrived in Cambridge about 2.45 give or take. H thought we should use the park and ride system and in retrospect am glad we did. As the town is bustling with lots of foot traffic and cyclists I would imagine driving through the town if at all possible would of been a complete nightmare.  The park and ride only costs £3 per person which we both thought was quite cheap, we love cheap stuff :)

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C’est La Vie – Freebie

Hi guys, I hope all is well and you’re up to to all sorts. Life around here lately is busy doing a bunch of nothing (it seems). I know that sounds crazy but thats literally what it’s like on my end. Crazy. We are working on wedding related things, some things are working in our favour others are being dragged on by other people. Oh well we’ve decided that we’re going to take things one day an one step at a time.

On that note I bring you todays freebie – C’est La Vie .

la vie la vie1


 To download click on the appropriate link the images will open, simply right click and save them to your device.

iPhone 640 x 1136   Macbook /Laptop 1440 x 900

Till next time.

Seven Months To “I Do”

It’s 7 months now till H and I are married. How am I feeling? Well am excited am anxious am every emotion under the sun but scared. I am not scared at all. We have been together 5 years, we’ve been through rough patches and some really low moments but here we are. A testament to love and patience.

In 3 months I would be leaving for the Caribbean (home) which means I won’t  physically see H till January when we get married (due to work and all that stuff that grown folks do called responsibilities) but again am not worried or scared. Technology has advanced so much am sure we will find ways and means of keeping abreast of things and each other ;)

20140605-021557 pm-51357148.jpg

What kind of wedding are we planning? Well this is partly why am heading back home. We know it’s definitely going to have an element of the beach in it. Wether the actual ceremony takes place on a jetty or just the photo session but yes a beach theme is what I have in mind. It is hard though to co-ordinate anything from half way around the world. So from the day I land I will have 4 months to plan our wedding.
20140605-024709 pm-53229294.jpg

I know it sounds like a short space of time but it’s only going to be a small intimate affair. If am being honest, if the pressure gets to much am prepared to say my vows in a Registrars Office :) As after we get married we are planning on migrating to Ireland hopefully by May or so of 2015 so the last thing we need is to go over the top on just the “wedding” when we have the rest of our lives to look forward to.

I feel like such a grown up ;) Am getting married and making big plans. Gosh girlie you have come a long way :) So yes, how do I wrap this post up. Simply by saying thank you again for reading (if anyone actually reads this organised chaos for a blog of mine) Keep reading as there is so much more to journal in the coming months. An if you haven’t already done so feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram :)

It Starts With Me – FREEBIE

Here we go, another wallpaper/lockscreen set, sized accordingly for the iPhone, iPad and Macbook (or any laptop/desktop). We all need a little reminder at times.

Feel free to download it and even share it if you like. Just give a little credit

 To download click on the appropriate link the images will open, simply right click and save them to your device.

iPhone 640 x 1136  iPad 1024 x 1024  Macbook 1440 x 900

Weekend Wrap Up – June 2nd

Wow I’ve not written on my blog for what seems like a long period. Apologetic no am not. Ever so often I need to just stop and thats what I did. This weekend has been a truly lovely one. The weather was perfect and there was so much to do and so much got done. I will try to highlight just some of the weekend here for you guys again.


Saturdays are by far my favourite day of the week. As it’s the only day H and I get to truly spend together for the entirety of the day. We did the usual Saturday morning brunch. A stroll around the shopping centre then decided we would head to the woods prior to returning home. I absolutely enjoy being in the woodlands. You hear the streams, the birds and the insects it’s peaceful. So we spent a couple hours there then proceeded home in time for Britains Got Talent :)



On Sunday we had a super day! We took a drive about 10 mile or so from Milton Keynes to Stoke Bruerne. While there we walked along the canal, hitched a ride on one of the canal boats. We even had cake in the cafe :) It was truly a remarkable day.

We then had dinner At The Barn with some friends. I had Pate for Starters and Fish for my main.


It was a really lovely day! Life is good! Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already following me. For lots of pictures on the things we get up to. Till next time Tw x

Introducing The Man Behind The Blog

I’ve never quite introduced Henry aka H to this space properly and vice versa. So thought why not! Why not give it a go. After all am always yapping about “H” I may as well give you a look at my hunk. While at the same time, shamelessly show off some of my photos. All taken by me off course.

Henry Panorama

Skyline The Man Himself Happy Much H's Back